Guide for New Immigrants

From The Archives of the Aksum Imperium

Well, you have found us.  Whether it was by accident or you were intentionally searching for us, you have arrived to the Aksum Imperium.  On behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Rasim Aeon, our monarch, WE WELCOME YOU!!!

Welcome to The Aksum Imperium, our nation is a constitutional monarchy.  We have as our supreme laws an Imperial Constitution and a Imperial Charter is setup giving the Emperor prerogatives but also limitations and requirements.  The title of Emperor is at the apex of the nobility system. The current Emperor uses the title of Sovereign and is the Grand Archon.  Previously the, it was decided that the title of Emperor will only be used when the Imperium achieves a state befitting the title.  At the Summer 22 Imperial Magnus, those presented made it requirement for the title to be used for all official occasions. The current Emperor is Rasim Aeon, who is also the Sovereign of the Imperium, High King of Aksum, Archon of the Imperial House of Aksum, Patriarch of the Noble House of Aeon.  The position of Grand Archon, is elected for life by the Council of Archons on which he also serves.  Rasim Aeon is also currently Grand Archon of the Imperium.  With those titles he is also the Sovereign Grand Master of all the Orders of Knighthood and Supreme Commander of the Imperium and the Imperial Service.

What is the Aksum Imperium?

The Aksum Imperium is a virtual micronation structured as a constitutional monarchy.  Although there are real life people that are members, it only exists and operates in the metaverse.  The metaverse exists on electrons.  We seek to be a community on all virtual worlds,  pc games, social media, mmorpgs, and console games.

What is micro-nationalism you ask?  Well it is the art of creating and participating in small (or "micro") "nations" or hobby nations. Micro-nationalism has different levels. Some are extremely serious about their micronation and are sometimes considered separatist and seek independence from their real life (rl) nation. While others are less serious and see it as a means to build communities to interact in virtual worlds, or to play certain strategy games, or team up to participate in certain games. The Aksum Imperium is not seeking independence from any country or nation.  Look at us as a nation simulation that exists solely in the metaverse.

When you first arrived, you are on the Imperial Station Nexus.  It exists in an area of our universe that allows you to get to other parts of the Imperium, using the transport system (links).  We ask that you use this to create the rp feel.

To give you a frame reference, the Imperium occupies what we call Imperial Space.  The Imperial Rangers, an element of the Imperial Guard, led the efforts to map out space and charted four quadrants that surround a center point we call the Nexus.  In the Nexus is a large Black Hole, where we discovered that if travelled we could reach the four quadrants as well as areas outside of Imperial Space.  Thus, we built Imperial Star Base Nexus.  This star base has a large planetoid structure in the center with six arms extending outward holding saucer type structures.  These structures include the Welcome Center, the Imperial Service Hub, the Alpha Quadrant Hub, Beta Quadrant Hub, Gamma Quadrant Hub, and the Delta Quadrant Hub.

These hubs give you direct access or transport to their corresponding areas.  The Welcome Center is where our Immigration Offices are where, you register as an Immigrant or Diplomat.  The Imperial Service Hub is only for authorized personnel.

As stated the Imperium is organized geopolitical into four quadrants and into 13 Imperial States.  These States are spread out among the four quadrants and have Star Bases built at the entrance of black holes within each of the quadrants.  By Imperial Decree, each quadrant was designated a High Kingdom, and the Emperor granted stewardship to the four leading nobles .  You will have to declare one of these 13 States as your residence when you post your oath of citizenship.

In the Alpha Quadrant or High Kingdom of Aksum is

Kingdom of Aksum (the home of the Imperium)

Kingdom of Avalonia (home to the elven, fae, and dwarfs)

Principality of Oraia (home to many magic users and nature manipulators)

Principality of Sangril (home to the vampire race and those that live, love, or support them)

In the Beta Quadrant

Kingdom of Solacia (home of many races)

Kingdom of Acarecia (a steampunk state)

Archduchy of Mezia (home to individuals who can manipulate air, either using wings or magic)

In the Gamma Quadrant

Kingdom of Babylon (multi-themed but focuses on Mesopotamian culture and some Babylon 5 (tm) based rp)

Principality of Mya (Asian and Pacific based themes)

Principality of Weredal (home to those who are demi-humans, lycans, and other werefolk

In the Delta Quadrant or High Kingdom of Gramos

Kingdom of Gramos (multi-themed with a focus on Pacific and Asian cultures and steampunk

Principality of Thera (multi-themed area)

Principality of Lemuria (based off the Lemurian culture

What do you get in Aksum Imperium?

Here in Aksum, we aim to provide a community in all aspects of the metaverse.  We want you to feel involved and welcome.  We promote full-immersion roleplay with limited OOC (out of character) interactions.

We will never delete an RP thread that has been made.

Free Form and Full Immersion Role Play, is the Aksum Imperium. And as such, you should be allowed freedom; however, part of the rp as nation is we have laws, so for every action there are.....consequences, good or bad.

Yes, a community. A community cannot possibly grow and become stable from a singular common interest. That is why, throughout the site, you will find many threads and discussion. There are also areas that often have random discussions and debates about to gaming, martial arts, politics, books, etc. No matter the subject you will find a place to have a decent chat with people who share more interests with you than just RPing.

We are a community of diverse ethnicities, persuasions, political views, ideals practicing full immersion as any number of sentient species including human.  We have a goal to exists on every game system, every virtual world, and throughout the internet.  

We are micro-nationalist because the Imperium is a micro-nation.  It is a an experiment in geofiction. We separate ourselves from the attempts at creating independent nations in real life.  We do not separate ourselves from our rl countries.  We separate our real lives from our metaverse lives.  We practice full immersion role play all the time, allowing some out of character interaction in restricted places.  We role play with some realism that may come close to the line, for example discussion and maintenance of the forums.  

We role play as lawyers but do not practice real life law; we have politicians but....still are politicians; we have nobles that are recognized as the lead servants not those that are squabbled over and served; we have warriors that fight in virtual world or gaming battles, conduct missions, gather intelligence, etc.  

We are organized with a strong monarch who shares power with various councils.  Citizens elect delegates to participate in the governance of the Imperium.  Nobles hold land in our virtual world and help with supporting and leading the nation. Individuals accept and agree to appointments in order to assist with overall management in their perspective areas, (government, nobility, knighthood, merchants, ecclesiastics, etc).

As an immigrant you are free to create characters that participate in whatever function or purpose you wish (politician, businessman, warrior, soldier, noble, criminal, sorcerer, wizard, witch, mage, fairy, fae, vampire, furry, police, etc). Your personality, character background, and area of focus should be stated on the Citizenship Form.  You can be detailed down as much as you want.  Any attempts at god-playing will be thwarted, and edited or removed.

The name Aksum comes from the ancient kingdom and trading center found on the African continent.  The mythos links the monarchy with the thrones of Aksum, Atlantis, Avalon, Lemuria, the Mayans and other ancient civilizations on Earth.  The throne of Aksum is held by a descendant of the 13 ancient houses that once ruled Atlantis.  Those houses are represented still in the reserved and occupied Archon Seats of the Great Houses. Each of which make up the Council of Archons,.  Those Archons are at the apex of the nobility system and their great houses rule over the noble houses, houses, and clans.  You will become involved if you decide to be a part of the nobility, house, clan, and family rp.

The Capital of the Imperium and the Throne of Aksum is located on the virtual world grid Digiworldz (tm), which we refer to as Aksum Prime.  It was founded on the virtual world Second Life (tm), which we refer as Secundaria, on the island of Falcone. We seek to exists everywhere in the metaverse and even considered a joint project for a joint micro-nation grid. We were engaged  in the second life military community and with other micro-nations on that grid.  We seek diplomatic relations with all micro-nations and other groups that have established governmental structures.

Citizenship comes from having an existence in any game system, virtual world, or MMORPG (like STO (tm)), and registering on the forums. Your user name here must be linked to one of those systems and it must be a first and last name.

There are seven levels of Citizenship with requirements to move to the next:

  1. Level I: Immigrant - you have met, by registering and taking the oath.
  2. Level II: Commoner - a basic level citizen, that can vote, doesn't own property, only can access one area of the Imperium, can only hold local office; must enlist in the Imperial Service for a minimum of three months or other term as determined by the Supreme Commander to be eligible for level III; has completed the most recent census; participates on the forums at least twice a month; can attend and observe the Magnus
  3. Level III: Citizen - meets the requirements of Level II; can or has formed a family; can vote in Imperial elections; can petition to form a Clan; can purchase property; can be a Representative in the Imperial Council of Deliberation; can attend, speak, but not vote in the Magnus; submits petition for status; serve in the Imperial Service for six months as a Citizen to be eligible for Level IV
  4. Level IV: Full Citizen - Owns property; is linked to a clan; can run for any and hold any non-nobility office; can lead a clan; attend, speak and vote during a Magnus; submits petition for status; serve in the Imperial Service for nine months.
  5. Level V:  Knight - All the above, leases land to a Full Citizens or Citizens, can serve in any capacity not requiring nobility
  6. Level VI: Nobility - All the above, holds any size land, can serve in any capacity
  7. Level VII: Royalty/High Nobility - All the above, leads a sovereign house, or is in the Imperial Family

Alongside the forums, we also use Aksum Imperium Discord server for an integrated chat that will allow you to talk to others real time, along with being able to RP in a chat style.

You may start in roleplay you wish, but we ask for it to fit within the general scheme.

The rp's we generally practice include: politics, government, nobility, family relationships, sports, combat, war, diplomacy, and much more.

What do you get out of this?

The founder, Rasim Aeon, runs this entire operation completely voluntarily, with money direct from his own wallets. He has gotten assistance from others, some of whom hold high positions in the Imperium

He and his closest advisors simply want to ensure that people who share their passion are given, in some respects, the same opportunities they had, along with opportunities they didn’t have. We simply want to ensure that other people who share, or are just beginning to realise a love for RPing, can experience RP and community in the best way and in the best environment.

Imperial Laws and governance

So, just like real countries, a micronation passes laws, has a military, conducts foreign relations with other micronations and tons of other stuff.  Most micronations have a rich fictional culture, and we are not an exception.

How do you join?

Well, if you are reading this, you have taken the first step and registered on these forums.  We ask that you link your forum name to a virtual world or gamertag/name.  You must also complete the immigration form, post a greeting, post your oath, and declare a system of residence.  This makes you an immigrant. If you stumbled here, then travel to the Imperial Star Base Nexus and visit the Immigration Control Office.

If you have not completed a new census form, no issues, you will complete a form during one of the census that defines your character and a biography.

After you complete your application, you will have to wait for the relevant government official to review your application. Once the application is approved, you become a Denizen of the Imperium!

After serving in the Imperial Service, you are eligible to become a Citizen, yes....we like Starship Troopers.

Then your activity and service to the Imperium may allow you become a Knight and then a Noble.

Get acquainted with people. Join the political process. Get involved in your province or territory. Have fun and always show respect. Get acquainted with the people of Aksum. This is what you must do first, above all else. You can send private messages to anyone.  Also, you can check people's profiles and find out their scree names for different instant messaging systems and console games. Don't be a stranger and mingle with people. Forge friendships. Talk to people. We have a point system that is represented by Aksums, the currency.  Land in the virtual world and land on our maps will cost.  One using rl funds and the other using funds you have earned in the forums.

In a nutshell, the Emperor or Sovereign is the final authority on rp and ooc matters related to Aksum. This means in practice that the Emperor is the highest source for information about Aksum.  He has rp'd over time more as a descendant and has allowed others who have acted as sages and historians to help develop the lore, which he ultimately approves....RP wise:  The Emperor's mystical connection to his ancestors makes him the ultimate authority of the lore of the Imperium.

And yes... we do have rules:


1.  First and foremost, this is the metaverse.  If you get mad, angry, or upset.  Log off.  Breath.  Then come back.  

2.  Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

3. Respect yourself and fellow users and the authority of the administrators and the Sovereign.

4.  Using this site means you agree to abide by the laws or rules made for this micro-nation.

5.  Only use out of character (OOC)conversations in designated out of character areas. There will be time when they may cross but if you can't make it appear to be in-character (ic) or roleplay (rp) then it should only be in the OOC area.

6.  Stay on topic and always stay in character in all areas except the OOC.  You must stay on topic in all posts.

7.  No one under 14 is allowed on the site. No vulgarity is allowed. What you do in the privacy of your private chats and messages must be agreed to by all involved. Reports of harassment will result in immediate removal, banning and cooperation with legal authorities.

8.  Even if you have access or can see a particular area, do not post there unless you are a part of the rp or activities. For instance, if you are not in the legislature and post in meetings without prior approval you will be subject to Aksum's rp laws.

9.  Your forum name should be linked to a virtual world avatar.  Gamer tags can not be used as your name unless it has a first name and surname.

10.  Follow the laws, terms of service (tos) and rules of the areas maintained by Aksum (virtual world grids, forums, chats, game consoles, pc games, etc.)

11.  If you absolutely do not agree with what goes on and can not operate within our guidelines, please leave, there will be no hard feelings.

12.  Do not bring real life issues into the in character areas.  This can result in dismissal and banning (either through the rp courts or by administrative actions if it is excessive).

13.  Remember, all the title, positions, duties, related to the Aksum Imperium are based on the full immersion RP.  Unless someone has properly presented themselves as a real life lawyer or other professional, no real life professional advice should be given.

14.  No linking of other sites are allowed without prior approval.  

15.  Lastly, this is the metaverse.  If you get mad, angry, or upset.  Log off.  Breath.  Then come back.