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The Aksum Imperium has two histories. One is based on real life (rl) or out of character (ooc); the other is the role play (rp) or in character (ic).

All possessions of Aksum Imperium, except for the physical land of the Sovereign, are located in the virtual world or meta verse (internet, social media, gaming systems, pc games, forums, etc). Because of this, the need to delineate our real lives and our role play lives has become necessary. This paragraph and portion of the page is one of very few ooc locations. We practice full immersion rp and therefore, everything we do is ic.

OOC History


Aksum was founded first in the 80's when its founder was a young age. He had an interest in Ancient History and in his research he began to read about Nubia, Egypt, Kush, and Abyssinia. In that research he discovered the ancient kingdom of Aksum. The city of Axum was its political and population center. It was a major player in trade, politics, and diplomacy; and once declared one of four major powers alongside Persia, Rome, and China. The growing interest led to the name being adopted for many of the strategic board games, and the live action kingdom role playing games the founder played with friends in the neighborhood.


In the 90's while still matriculating through high school and college. The name Aksum was used for a country project in class in which the students created nations, the governments, and led them based on scenarios provided by teachers and professors.


With the improvements of technology and the advent of virtual worlds, the Aksum Imperium entered a new era or idea of role play. Holding several parcels of land, Rasim Aeon, on the advice of friends in Second Life™ decided to establish the Imperium. Initially, he and those friends formed a virtual world military to protect those lands from griefers. The Imperium began to take shape with the planting of the Aksum flag on the virtual island of Falcone on March 9, 2009, later expanding to a new parcel and estate called the Aksum Imperium. Announcing itself in second life opened in new friendships and new challenges separately and with those friendships.

The History (rp)

The official History of the Imperium, is nested in number of places. There has been attempts to create alternatives to fit individual needs. The Office of the Grand Keeper of Seals and Archives as directed by decree is the keeper of the official annals. We have done our research and we have discussed with the elders of the Imperium and His Imperial Majesty to create this work. (This was taken from a manuscript and used with permission, no further usage is allowed unless specifically requested). The following is what we have compiled from the found archives. We continue to search for those missing archives.

Eons past, the people of Earth lived in a high state of technology and magic. Sometimes the two were one and the same. This was centralized on the island continent of Atlantis. This super large island existed in the middle of what is now the Atlantic Ocean. It was led by a council of individuals that we have come to call gods. These individuals controlled lands that were connected to other parts of Earth. Each of these individuals led great houses and sat in judgement, elected, and advised the leader, who became the leader of Atlantis. Each of these individuals controlled parts of the Island Continent, specifically the one that attached to their lands.

These "gods" were connected to the unseen world and had control of the skies, spirits, water, the weather, etc. When they came together life was easy. Trade was abundant. There was no war. Atlantis was a paradise. Every type of animal and plant that grew anywhere on the planet thrived. The kings and queens were rich in gold, silver, and each had an infinity to some power or ability.

The gods or high council was led by Ra. He was a Nubian warrior, high priest, and king, that led Aksum and had in his blood, strands from each of the 13 houses, but was only a direct heir of one. His affinity was with spirit, the sun, and earth. Many called him the light giver, some later related him to Lucifer, and even the great Emmanuel. No one on present day Earth really knows. He shared his authority, was not tyrannical, but was fair and just. He and his wife Isis, had 10 children, the oldest, Rason, was heir in Aksum, and served as his Secretary and Chief Aide. He had an affinity for Earth, Metal, and could manipulate lightning and spirt. He was considered to be the heir, but only if the High Council agreed. He had no desire to lead.

Ra led the Atlanteans to be the greatest power on Earth. All was in harmony. They avoided war. They explored the stars, and used magic to make life better. They created gates to civilizations across the different universes.

Then things changed. All knew that the Creator, was of such omnipotence, the Earth and the people of Atlantis could not be all that there was. This became apparent when visitors began to arrive. They followed one of the scout ships that patrolled the known galaxy. Diplomacy was promoted and these Terrans, as they look like the gods, but lacked abilities, began to settle on Earth and mix with the non-Atlantean connected people.

The people of Atlantis began to inter-marry with the Terrans, further diluting the pure blood. Terrans became greedy and were able to bring chaos. They discovered access to the science and powers that the Atlanteans used. Seeing the inevitable destruction, the High Council directed the building of starships. They started putting the people from Aksum, Solacia, Babylon, Gramos, Avalon, Acarecia, Mezia, Oria, Sangral, Maya, Thera, Lemuria, and Weredal onto the large ships, named for their homes, to send somewhere safe and recolonize.

It was discovered that the Terrans were the cannon-fodder or harbingers of a large empire of reptilian-like humanoids. Their home system and land was conquered by these people and they were forced to be the advance for a larger force. The High Council did not believe they could take on this force and ordered colony arks (large ships) for each of the tribes. They then assembled together when the ships were filled. They encircled and engaged their powers, consuming themselves. Rason, created an orb that was made of 13 shards, 12 around one, that when connected formed an orb. His father, decreed that the orb be secured, and taken from the planet. It was to hold all the knowledge of Atlantis, and the powers that apexes in the High Council. He held an orb up and allowed for the powers to coalesce. Rason had an affinity for metals, and forged the orb into a platinum chain, and placed on his neck. His eyes lit up and he felt connected to the gates on each of the nine civilizations, and the four on Atlantis. As his father directed before his consumption, he destroyed the gates. Rason, with trepidation left his home his personal transport zooming to Starship Aksum.

The plates of the Earth begin to move causing earthquakes, the earthquakes caused the continents to move. Much of life on Earth was destroyed. When the floods resided, and the earthquakes settled, Atlantis appeared to have disappeared, even until this day. The connected civilizations were destroyed, some of the lands were left desecrated and without life.

The ships departed the Solar System as the Reptilian Fleet arrived. The hasty departure resulted in un-synched hyperjumps. They initially lost connection to each other. Hope resided with Rason, the Keeper of the History and Archives of Atlantis. His family was left on Earth, he was alone, but he had a mission.

The colony ships found berths across a new galaxy and over the years, they slowly began to be connected because of the efforts of descendants of Rason. However, pride and greed set in and they began to war with each other, causing refugees to flee to other parts. A few of the tribes attempted to conquer the others. The descendants of Atlantis experienced chaos like never before. They never could form a new federation. Dissidents were afraid of any attempt. Their belief was that if they came together they would bring attention and destruction to survivors. A secret cabal came together and convinced Rason, who remained the Keeper, to support a plan of reunification. They would sequester those who had direct lineage to the high council and place under the Aksum tribes protection. Rason had the gift of long life but was not immortal. He watched as groups dissipated. He always wore the orb. He know he or his descendants were the key to bring order out of the chaos in the future. Yet he could not bring himself to actively participate. This caused some dissention but no rebellion. The plan continued.

Over time, high council dependents begin to mate. The cabal guided, the "unification" program. The Oraian and Theran tribal heirs joined, creating a line with an affinity to water and alchemy; the Babylonian and Sangral tribes joined forming a line with an affinity to blood magic and metalworking; the tribes from Solacia and Gramos united to form a line with an affinity with war/strategy and science; the tribal heirs from Avalon and Weredal formed a line that had an affinity with animal morphing and wind/air manipulation; the Acarecian and Lemurian tribes formed a line with an affinity to mind/mental control and chemical manipulation; and the Mayans and Mezians formed a link that had an affinity with fire and earth.

Over time the heirs to the direct lines went from thirteen tribes to seven; and from seven to four. Then from four to two. Still the direct line of the tribe from Aksum had no heir other than Rason, he still refused. The tribal heirs with the cabal began to war and expand to try and subjugate and claim nations that descended from the 13 tribes. Rason eventually gave up leadership of the cabal and went into the wilderness, with the Orb of Atlantis.

In one of his sojourns, he climbed a mountain on the island of Falcone. He laid down on the grass taking in the area. A young lady stumbled falling on top of him. She was Simia, a runnaway from the breeding program. They got close over time and became mates. On a day of celestial significance, a child was conceived.


The direct bloodlines of the heirs of Aksum have culminated into the House of Aeon. The Orb of Atlantis was merged into the person of the Emperor leaving a tattoo or mark in the shape of a circle encased with a pyramid. The cabal has been eliminated but a new Order is in its place, with the goal to continue to watch and seek individuals who have the highest affinities found in each of the houses. Its goal is to help reform the great houses and unite them in the Imperium. The control of those houses have been placed into the hands of the one that occupies the Sun Throne of Ra. He alone possesses the authority to grant them.

Over time certain families have held the name of these great houses. However, each time a new Imperium had been declared, the ownership or stewardship was removed or lost, reverting back to the Crown.

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