[READ FIRST!!!!] A Guide to the Aksum Imperium

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[READ FIRST!!!!] A Guide to the Aksum Imperium

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Well, you have found us.  Whether it was by accident or you were intentionally searching for us, you have arrived to the Aksum Imperium.  On behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Rasim Aeon, our monarch, WE WELCOME YOU!!!

We ask you to read this first so you can have some basic understanding of what Aksum is, how to join, and how to participate.

If you have an open-mind and you are familiar with role play, virtual worlds, multi-member online games, forum base world-building, government simulations, or even just the internet, then you have found the right place.  If you are not, no issue, we will help you get there.

The Aksum Imperium is a virtual micro-nation structured as a constitutional monarchy with our monarch and chief noble styled as Emperor and while serving as head of state and chosen by the Council of Sovereigns, styled as the Grand Sovereign.

We are a community of diverse ethnicities, persuasions, political views, ideals practicing full immersion as any number of sentient species including human.  We have a goal to exists on every game system, every virtual world, and throughout the internet.  

We are micro-nationalist because the Imperium is a micro-nation.  It is a an experiment in geofiction. We separate ourselves from the attempts at creating independent nations in real life.  We do not separate ourselves from our rl countries.  We separate our real lives from our metaverse lives.  We practice full immersion role play all the time, allowing some out of character interaction in restricted places.  We role play with some realism that may come close to the line, for example discussion and maintenance of the forums.  

We role play as lawyers but do not practice real life law; we have politicians but....still are politicians; we have nobles that are recognized as the lead servants not those that are squabbled over and served; we have warriors that fight in virtual world or gaming battles, conduct missions, gather intelligence, etc.  

We are organized with a strong monarch who shares power with various councils.  Citizens elect delegates to participate in the governance of the Imperium.  Nobles hold land in our virtual world and help with supporting and leading the nation. Grand Officers assist with overall management in their perspective areas, (government, nobility, knighthood, merchants, ecclesiastics, etc).

As an immigrant you are free to create characters that participate in whatever function or purpose you wish (politician, businessman, warrior, soldier, noble, criminal, sorcerer, wizard, witch, mage, fairy, fae, vampire, furry, police, etc). Your personality, character background, and area of focus should be stated on the Citizenship Form.  You can be detailed down as much as you want.  

The name Aksum comes from the ancient kingdom and trading center found on the African continent.  The mythos links the monarchy with the thrones of Aksum, Atlantis, Avalon, Lemuria, the Mayans and other ancient civilizations on Earth.  The throne of Aksum is held by a descendant of the 13 ancient houses that once ruled Atlantis.  Those houses are represented still in the reserved and occupied Sovereign Seats. Each of which make up the Council of Sovereigns who decides whether to elect one of its own as the Grand Sovereign.  Those Sovereigns are at the apex of the nobility system and their houses rule over the noble houses, houses, and clans.  You will become involved if you decide to be a part of the nobility, house, clan, and family rp.

Aksum is based on the virtual world grid Digiworldz (tm).  It was founded on the virtual world Second Life (tm) on the island of Falcone. We seek to exists everywhere in the metaverse and even considered a joint project for a joint micro-nation grid. We were engaged  in the second life military community and with other micro-nations on that grid.  We seek diplomatic relations with all micro-nations and other groups that have established governmental structures.

Citizenship comes from having an existence in any game system, virtual world, or MMORPG (like STO (tm)), and registering on the forums. Your user name here must be linked to one of those systems and it must be a first and last name.

In a nutshell, the Emperor is the final authority on rp and ooc matters related to Aksum. This means in practice that the Emperor is the highest source for information about Aksum.  He has rp'd over time more as a descendant and has allowed others who have acted as sages and historians to help develop the lore, which he ultimately approves....RP wise:  The Emperor's mystical connection to his ancestors makes him the ultimate authority of the lore of the Imperium.

Because one person can't do it all, Rasim Aeon's ingenuity and imagination set the stage for our structure which calls for a government, a university, newspaper, archives, an economy, and more.  The Emperor has granted trust in some of us to have administrative access to manage the forums, the grid, the archives, and many other facets. This is done through the Council of Communications and Media.  Any one of us, along with the Emperor have the ability to log in as the Imperial Webmaster.  However, one of us covers a specific area, based on expertise. The email theaksumimperium@gmail.com is forwarded to everyone on the Council and to all the Grand Officers of State, in order that we may respond to an inquiry.

The Emperor has no need to login as the administrator, as his account is set as Founder and granted administrative access.

The Aksum Imperium, as previously mentioned, is a constitutional monarchy.  The Constitution is setup giving the Emperor prerogatives but also limitations and requirements.  The title of Emperor is at the apex of the nobility system. The current Emperor is also the Grand Sovereign.  The title of Emperor comes from being the Sovereign Lord of the House of Aksum and Lord of the House of Aeon.  The position of Grand Soveriegn, is elected for life by the Imperial Council of Sovereigns of which he also serves.  Rasim Aeon is currently the Emperor and Grand Sovereign of the Imperium.  With those titles he is also the Grand Master of all the Orders of Knighthood and Supreme Commander of the Imperium and the Imperial Service.

The Imperial Chambers supports the monarch in his duties.  It is led by the Grand Chamberlain, who acts as the Emperor's chief of staff, and assisted by the Privy Secretary.  Other members include the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps (the senior foreign diplomat), the Chief Aide de Camp, The Dean of the College of Heraldry, the Crown Property Bureau, and other agencies that combine ooc and rp matters.

The Constitution calls for a Grand Imperial Council which is the full meeting of all of the Imperial Councils to advise the Emperor prior to making a decision.  A Grand Viceroy is the operating chair of that Council.  In the event of an inactive council the GIC may act in its place. 

The Executive Branch is represented by the Council of Chancellors and led by the Grand Chancellors and includes a Chancellor of State, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Chancellor of Justice, and Chancellor of Education and Social Services at a minimum.

The Judicial Branch is represented by the Council of Magistrates, who lead the Imperium's judiciary system and led by the Grand Magistrate.  The Emperor may only hear appeals if there were any dissenting votes on a case.

The Legislative Branch is represented by the Council of Delegates.  This used to be a tri-cameral house with representatives from the people, Senators from the systems, and nobility.  It now only includes those elected at large by the people.  The election takes place every six month leading up to the semi-annual magnus.  The Delegates elect a Grand Speaker.

The Imperial Service is the Defense, Protection, and Security Agency.  It consists of the military, the police, and the Imperial Guard.  The Emperor is the supreme commander and appoints a Grand Marshal as the operational leader of the IS.  A command council assists the Grand Marshal.  The Imperial Service serves the Imperium and the Emperor and is not allowed to be brought into politics.  
AKSUM PRIME SYSTEM (located on the digiworldz grid (tm))
Kingdom of Aksum: State controlled by the Sovereign House of Aksum
- Aksum City: the capital city, location of government offices
- Imperial Citadel: the monarch's palace and imperial chambers' offices
- Aeon City: region controlled by the Noble House of Aeon
- Port Aksum: main entry point for the Imperium on the digiworldz grid
- ISHQ: The Imperial Service Headquarters.  
--(planned) The Imperial Training Center:  location of a large 4x4 grid to conduct training 
- College City: residential and office space for students, staff, and supporters of the Imperial University
--Imperial University:  a 2x2 region connected to College City that house the in-world campus 
- Aksum Bay: Feudal lands 
- South Aksum City: Feudal lands
- North Aksum City: Feudal lands

Principality of Babylon: State controlled by the Sovereign House of Babylon
-(planned) New Babylonia: capital of the Principality of Babylon
-(planned) Sassia: home of the Noble House of Sass

SECUNDARIA SYSTEM (located on the Second Life (tm) system)
*the only current holding is Avalon Hills, which is a private retreat of the Emperor's, sometimes used to host diplomats and other events.

TERCERA SYSTEM (located on the 3rd Rock Grid (tm))
- Tercera City: capital city of the system under the control of the House of Aeon

XBIA SYSTEM (an outpost located on the Xbox(tm) game console
*no holdings officially claimed

1.  First and foremost, this is the metaverse.  If you get mad, angry, or upset.  Log off.  Breath.  Then come back.  
2.  Respect yourself and fellow users and the authority of the administrators and the Emperor.
3.  Using this site means you agree to abide by the laws or rules made for this micro-nation.
4.  Only use out of character conversations in designated out of character areas.  There will be time when they may cross but if you can't make it appear to be in-character or rp then it should only be in the OOC area.
5.  Stay on topic and always stay in character in all areas except the OOC.  You must stay on topic in all posts.
6.  No one under 13 is allowed on the site.  No sex play, vulgarity, or offensive words are allowed.  What you do in the privacy of your private chats and messages must be agreed to by both.  Reports of harassment will result in immediate removal, banning and cooperation with legal authorities.
7.  Even if you have access or can see a particular area, do not post there unless you are a part of the rp or activities.  For instance, if you are not in the legislature but post in legislature meetings with prior approval you will be subject to Aksum's rp laws.  However repeatedly doing so will result in banning.
8.  Your forum name should be linked to a virtual world avatar.  Gamertags can not be used as your name unless it has a first name and surname.
9.  Follow the laws, terms of service (tos) and rules of the areas maintained by Aksum (virtual world grids, forums, chats, game consoles, pc games, etc.)
10.  If you absolutely do not agree with what goes on and can not operate within our guidelines, please leave, there will be no hard feelings.
11.  Do not bring real life issues into the in character areas.  This can result in dismissal and banning (either through the rp courts or by administrative actions if it is excessive).
12.  Remember, all the title, positions, duties, related to the Aksum Imperium are based on the full immersion RP.  Unless someone has properly presented themselves as a real life lawyer or other professional, no real life professional advice should be given.
13.  No linking of other sites are allowed without prior approval.   
14.  Lastly, this is the metaverse.  If you get mad, angry, or upset.  Log off.  Breath.  Then come back.
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Re: [READ FIRST!!!!] A Guide to the Aksum Imperium

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Guide updated 6-21-2020.  Fixed some grammar issues. No substantive changes have been made.