Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on The Aksum Imperium. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Conduct

    1. -Maintain a respectful and courteous environment. Harassment, sexism, racism, or any form of hate speech are strictly prohibited.
      -Disagreements should be expressed in a dignified and polite manner.
      -Remember that everyone is here for enjoyment; avoid actions that detract from the experience of others. #
    2. -Respect the established structure of the micronation, including the authority of administrators and the Sovereign.
      -Your participation in this micronation requires adherence to its laws and rules. Failure to abide by these rules can result in penalties.
      -Treat all positions, titles, and duties within this virtual micronation with respect, remembering that all are part of the immersive role-play experience. #
    3. -If you find yourself becoming upset or angry, take a moment to log off, breathe, and return when you're ready.
      -Always respect the privacy of others. Do not post or distribute personal information without explicit consent from the individuals and the administrators.
      -Avoid bringing real-world issues into in-character areas.
      -Crying wolf is not appreciated and will result in sanctions. Meaning do not report posts because you disagree. Be ready to explain the reason for your report. Otherwise you shall lost the ability for a set time or permanently if it is a repeated issue.
      -Be like Bill. Bill likes the forum. Bill surfs the forum and participates. Bill sees something that upsets him on the forum. Bill doesn't go on a tirade. Be logs off and takes a break from the forums. Bill returns a happy Aksum Imperium Citizen. Be like Bill #
  2. Communication & Privacy Guidelines

    1. -Stay in character (IC) during role-play. Use designated areas for out-of-character (OOC) discussions.
      -Do not mix IC and OOC discussions, unless authorized to do so. If you haven't been told you are authorized, you are not authorized. Maintain a clear distinction to avoid confusion.
      -Do not engage in provocative or outrageous behavior designed to upset others or provoke a response. #
    2. -Real-life personas remain private. Avoid referencing real-life details during in-character interactions.
      -Refrain from linking other sites or sharing personal details without prior approval. If you have not been told that the other site was approved or that you are authorized, the other site is not approved and you are not authorized.
      -Ensure your forum name is linked to a virtual world avatar. Gamer-tags can only be used as your name if they contain a first name and surname. Certain surnames are required to be approved before use.
      -If you do not have a virtual world avatar and want this to be your first make it known to the Grand Steward. #
  3. Content & Posting

    1. -Ensure all posts remain on-topic and contribute meaningfully to the discussion.
      -Avoid posting explicit, obscene, or violent content in non NFSW areas. All posts should adhere to a PG-13 standard.
      -NFSW areas shall be password protected. The passwords shall not be shared. If you have an alt/clone on this site, you can not share the password with that alt/clone, that account must be on record requesting the password.
      -Do not revive old threads unless you have valuable content to add.
      -Use the appropriate language style and tone according to the setting of the role-play. This adds to the overall immersive experience.
      -Avoid double-posting or posting the same message in multiple threads.
      -Do not post in open areas, the forums are setup based on the geography of the Imperium. Your post should apply to the area. If the area is not setup, wait till it is.
      -Just because you may have access to post in an area, does not mean you should. If you are not part of that RP or in that group, do not jump in unless asked. #
    2. -Do not post copyrighted material without proper attribution or permissions.
      -Avoid discussions about cheats, hacks, or other methods that provide unfair advantages in associated games.
      -Do not impersonate other users or significant individuals. This kind of behavior is strictly prohibited.
      -Do not post links unless you have been authorized. If you are speaking of music or other literary works that are protected by intellectual party you must state the name and author/writer.
      -If you own the rights to the link then you must notify an admin prior to posting. This protects our community from any IP violations and keeps us within our own ToS. #
  4. Role-play Conduct

    1. -Ensure role-plays are inclusive and respectful. Never involve other players in your role-play without their explicit consent. Leaders of a group in each level may only include others within the area they lead without consent. Continued use of the forum and being in that group grants consent
      -Respect and abide by the laws specific to different types of role-play including, but not limited to, space travel, magic, nobility, and military.
      -Maintain role-play immersion. Any real-life professional advice should come from individuals who have identified themselves as real-life professionals.
      -If a user is inactive for a prolonged period, their account may be deactivated without prior notice.
      -Don't be in two places at one time. If the area has not announced it is part of the Quantum Entanglement Network (QuE) then follow physics and take the time to get there. #
    2. -Role-play movement from one area to another in the Imperial Space.
      -The Quantum Entanglement System (QuE) is for in-character discussions and role-play only.
      -Advertising or promotion within role-play must have express permission. #
    3. -Travel Notification: Any movement from one quadrant, system, planet, or other must be role-played and notified in the dedicated Travel thread.
      -Travel Realism: Space travel role-plays should adhere to the technological capabilities established within the Imperium's lore. Ships must be built and purchased from a shipbuilding company prior to them being used. Only one ship currently can appear in one place and reappear in another.
      -The shipbuilder or shipyard and the space navigation authority determines if ships have a transporters or certain drives #
    4. -Role-Play Only: The Quantum Entanglement System (QuE) should be used strictly for In-Character discussions and role-play.
      -No OOC in QuE: OOC discussions, complaints, or non-roleplay related chats are prohibited in the QuE. #
    5. -In-Character Magic: Magic in role-play must align with the Aksum Imperium lore and be within the character's capabilities.
      -Magic Consent: Do not impose magic effects on other characters without their explicit consent. ((ask ooc in a private message)) Consent may also be given be continuing an RP knowing someone is a magic user or there is a law against magic in an area. Refer back to the rule on involving others without consent.
      -The Council of Prelates and the Emperor are the authority on Magic use.
      -Magic includes anything related to the general accepted idea of the supernatural, the force, aether, enchanted realm, manipulation of energy, conjuring etc. If you have not been given a permit by the property authority, you may not use magic. It is assume that magic dampening devices and guards are always located around the -Emperor and anyone who has been given, "The Medallion." #
    6. -Noble Behavior: Characters from noble families should act according to their status, following the established etiquettes, norms, and traditions of the Aksum Imperium.
      -Noble Authority: Exercise of noble powers must be just and fair, adhering to the Imperial law and the specific laws of the respective dominions and the rules of their Houses. #
    7. -Conflict RP: Military actions should be properly role-played and comply with the forum rules regarding combat and conflict.
      -Military Authorization: Any large-scale military action must be authorized by the designated role-play administrators or the appropriate In-Character authority.
      -No recruiting to military groups or games outside of the Imperium unless expressly authorized by the Emperor, Grand Imperial Viceroy, or Grand Marshal. #
  5. Commerce and Economy

    1. -All transactions, trade deals, or economic agreements within the forum should strictly adhere to in-character role-play rules.
      -Use of the forum for real-world monetary transactions is strictly prohibited.
      -All banks are strictly for roleplay.
      -Any real world monies donated are to support the systems and may be converted to the forum currency for entertainment purposes.
      -Businesses must be registered in order to operate. If the business is tied to a real entity, the administrators must be made aware and the requestor must provide the information requested. #
    2. #
    3. -Respect the economic structure of the Aksum Imperium. Unfair manipulation of in-game currency or resources is strictly prohibited.
      -Any form of economic exploit, including but not limited to, using glitches to earn in-game currency or resources, is strictly forbidden. #
    4. -All economic activities involving the Imperial Bank of Aksum must follow its established regulations.
      -Creating or operating any financial institutions, like a dominion or state bank, must be in accordance with the rules and regulations laid out by the Imperial Bank of Aksum and established law and decrees. #
    5. -All materials from "Earth" have run out. (certain allowances will be made)
      -If the materials are not farmed, manufactured, produced, or even exist in Imperial Space it can not be used. Exceptions made for the Imperial Guard and some aspects of the Imperial Service
      - If you are a producer, you must have access or purchased the material for manufacturing. #
    6. -Lawyers or Advocates exist in the Imperium as roleplay. If you are a lawyer in rl, you are not allowed to practice in Aksum or advertise that you are. You may RP as an advocate. You must be accepted into the Order of Barrister to role play as a lawyer.
      - Accountants exists but you shall not offer ooc professional accounting services outside of the RP. You must be accepted by the Grand Treasurer or other organization to role play as an accountant
      - Doctors and Nurse roleplay is a prominent feature. No real life medical device will be given. You must be a part of the appropriate group to practice or accepted by the Surgeon Marshal/Director General of the Public Health Service. #
  6. Consequences and Penalties

    1. -Any form of harassment reported will result in immediate removal, banning, and potential legal consequences if it occurs in the OOC and PM areas.
      -Violations of the rules can result in a variety of penalties, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.
      -The Imperial Police along with other groups are charged with watching for violations, issuing tickets, issuing summons for violations. If it is an issue that must be taken to OOC/real life than the administrators will refer it to the proper authorities. #
    2. -Harassment reported as part of a role play or IC. An investigation and trial will be conducted and consequences could still lead to removal, banning, or potential rl legal consequences.
      -Violations of the rules can result in a variety of penalties, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.
      -The Imperial Police along with other groups are charged with watching for violations, issuing tickets, issuing summons for violations. If it is an issue that must be taken to OOC/real life than the administrators will refer it to the proper authorities. #