Heading to the Delta Quadrant

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Heading to the Delta Quadrant

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My stomach is a little queasy from the nervousness of heading to the Delta Quadrant.  I now know where my brother had made off to when he was no longer home.  To Aksum and now to Thera.  Hopefully the family he had here will accept me as well.

Thinking...I look around this arm of the huge station they call Nexus.  It is amazing, a little daunting and confusing at first.  After reading up a bit.  I think I am good.  Hmm. that maybe something I help out with.  What will my nitche be, how will I be a helpful citizen.

I enter the sleek transport and it takes off smoothly.  We depart station space.  My eyes grow large as the black hole looms in front.....We are entering the black hole....wait...what....In a flash we depart normal space and my pucker is squeezed so tight, I may poop out of my eyes and ears.....

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