Welcome to the Aksum Imperium! This is our homepage. It links to the various sites and locations that collectivly create our presence in the metaverse.

We define the metaverse as the worlds created on electrons: virtual worlds, game consoles, pc’s, phones, etc.

We are a community formed as a virtual micronation and governed as constitutional monarchy. We claim land only in the metaverse. Our home world, Aksum Prime can be found on the virtual world Digiworldz ™.

We use full immersion role play to interact. We recognize that our real lives and virtual lives are separate existences.

Whether you are intending to be a Citizen or a Diplomat representing another micro-nation or group, please head to Port Aksum

On Aksum Prime you will find:

  • Aksum City – The Capital City
  • Port Aksum – The primary port of entry
  • Imperial Citadel – The Monarch’s and his Court’s abode
  • College City – the town and gateway to the Imperial University
  • Aeon City – A place to live, shop, and hangout
  • North Aksum City – Another place to live, shop, and hangout
  • South Aksum City – Yet another place to live, shop, and hangout
  • Aksum Bay – And yet another place, but with a large waterfront
  • ISHQ – The headquarters and gateway to a planned combat training center

On Secundaria, which exists on the virtual world Second Life(tm) where we were founded. There, we currently maintain an outpost. We do hope to rebuild there.

On Tercera, which exists on the virtual world of 3rd Rock Grid ™. We maintain one region: Tercera City