Welcome to the Aksum Imperium. You have reached the Imperial Nexus. The center of the Imperium.  It serves as our connection to the rest of the multiverses in the metaverse and as a connector within Imperial Space.

Using the energies of the region and new technology, we have built and placed the Imperial Star Base Nexus (ISBN) at the entrance to a large blackhole. While exploring the Imperial Rangers discovered that the blackholes could be used as transport lanes for speedier travel. Thus the ISBN occupies a central location in Imperial Space that is synchronized with the four large stations in each quadrant, also located in black wholes in those quadrants.

The large orb in the middle is the main station and contains offices for station personnel, a command center for the Imperial Service, A hangout area called the Nexus Inn, where you can have all types of discussion.

There are six arms extending from the Main Station with specific responsibilities and focuses.

If this is your first time here, we ask that you head to the Welcome Center.  There you can register your presence and proceed to either our Embassy Offices, if you are a Diplomat and wish to establish some for of relationship or visit; or if you are an immigrant wishing to become a resident or Citizen of the Imperium.


Our Citizens travel to many parts of the metaverse, if you are returning from one of your trips, please proceed to your Quadrant’s Hub to obtain transport or clearance to travel forward.  If you are one of the heroes in the Imperial Service and wish to proceed to your duty location or visit a command representative, proceed to the Imperial Service Hub.

To access any of the six hubs press the corresponding link which are : Welcome Center, Imperial Service Hub, Alpha Quadrant Hub, Beta Quadrant Hub, Gamma Quadrant Hub, and the Delta Quadrant Hub.



The Imperial Service Hub









With Wisdom We Contrive; By Strength and Courage We Rise!!!