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The Aksum Imperium has two histories. One is based on real life (rl) or out of character (ooc); the other is the role play (rp) or in character (ic).

All possessions of Aksum Imperium, except for the physical land of the Sovereign, are located in the virtual world or meta verse (internet, social media, gaming systems, pc games, forums, etc). Because of this, the need to delineate our real lives and our role play lives has become necessary. This paragraph and portion of the page is one of very few ooc locations. We practice full immersion rp and therefore, everything we do is ic.

OOC History


Aksum was founded first in the 80's when its founder was a young age. He had an interest in Ancient History and in his research he began to read about Nubia, Egypt, Kush, and Abyssinia. In that research he discovered the ancient kingdom of Aksum. The city of Axum was its political and population center. It was a major player in trade, politics, and diplomacy; and once declared one of four major powers alongside Persia, Rome, and China. The growing interest led to the name being adopted for many of the strategic board games, and the live action kingdom role playing games the founder played with friends in the Neighbor.


In the 90's while still matriculating through high school and college. The name Aksum was used for a country project in class in which the students created nations, the governments, and led them based on scenarios provided by teachers and professors.


With the improvements of technology and the advent of virtual worlds, the Aksum Imperium entered a new era or idea of role play. Holding several parcels of land, Rasim Aeon, on the advice of friends in Second Life™ decided to establish the Imperium. Initially, he and those friends formed a virtual world military to protect those lands from griefers. The Imperium began to take shape with the planting of the Aksum flag on the virtual island of Falcone on March 9, 2009, later expanding to a new parcel and estate called the Aksum Imperium. Announcing itself in second life opened in new friendships and new challenges separately and with those friendships.

The History (rp)