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  • Duke Tryston Love assumes operational authority of the Imperial Service after change of command and is now the Lord High Chief Marshal of the Imperium.
  • The Imperial Court and Government resumes normal operations
  • Marshal Petraeon, High Marshal for Administration and Support retires from the Imperial Service.  He will be stepping down as the Viceroy of Aksum Prime no later than 30 September 2021.  ANN reached out by email to Marshal and Duke Petraeon, he said, "It was a pleasure to serve and he is still going to be around, but needs to take care of some personal and family issues. Besides it was time to give others a chance to succeed."  Congratulations on your retirement Sir.
  • Marshal Adorra Dakaeon is recognized as the third ranking officer of the Imperial Service, as the Sovereign announced her official recognition as the Vice High Chief Marshal, as an additional duty.  Heavy is the head.......We wish her best of luck.  Marshal Dakaeon will still serve as the High Marshal of Operations as her primary duty.  She is also the Viceroy of Tercera.


The Imperial Court and Government resumes normal operations
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