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  • Duke Tryston Love assumes operational authority of the Imperial Service after change of command and is now the Lord High Chief Marshal of the Imperium.
  • The Imperial Court and Government resumes normal operations
  • Marshal Petraeon, High Marshal for Administration and Support retires from the Imperial Service.  He will be stepping down as the Viceroy of Aksum Prime no later than 30 September 2021.  ANN reached out by email to Marshal and Duke Petraeon, he said, "It was a pleasure to serve and he is still going to be around, but needs to take care of some personal and family issues. Besides it was time to give others a chance to succeed."  Congratulations on your retirement Sir.
  • Marshal Adorra Dakaeon is recognized as the third ranking officer of the Imperial Service, as the Sovereign announced her official recognition as the Vice High Chief Marshal, as an additional duty.  Heavy is the head.......We wish her best of luck.  Marshal Dakaeon will still serve as the High Marshal of Operations as her primary duty.  She is also the Viceroy of Tercera.


The Imperial Court and Government resumes normal operations
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I, Rasim, Sovereign of the Imperium, and Supreme Marshal of the Imperial Service, hereby direct the following

1.  That, the Lord High Chief Marshal shall reorganize the Imperial Service Branches to the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Military;

2.  That, the Imperial Police shall be placed under the control of the Imperial Guard effective immediately;

3.  That, all regulations, orders, and policies shall reflect this change;

4.  That, the Imperial Police shall now be a "Force" within the Imperial guard;

5.  That, the laws regarding police and military shall not change; and those designated in the public safety role shall continue to execute and enforce the laws of the Imperium among the populace; and those designated in a Imperial Service Police role shall enforce laws within the Imperial Service.

6.  All persons with the title of Marshal in their name and/or rank may exercise public safety and IS police functions and may delegate and designate others.  The Lord High Chief Marshal shall publish a policy with specifics;

7.  The Chief of the Imperial Police Force shall continue to exercise direct coordination with the High Inquisitor General of the Imperium and staff;

8.  The Lord High Chief Marshal remains the primary point of contact for defense, security, health, and police matters.

9.  The Lord High Chief Marshal is authorize to change the organization of the Imperial Service to better implement this decree, providing a brief and/or overview to myself, the High Chancellor, the President of the Privy Council, and the Praetor of the Gentry.

General Discussion / Re: 20 years
« Last post by Bryce Battles on September 13, 2021, 07:17:55 AM »
I wasn't that old.  Just remember all the news and the memorials afterwards.  I do not know if I lost anyone in the attacks themselves, but I deployed and I lost friends in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I can remember seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 and being pissed.
General Discussion / Re: 20 years
« Last post by Stoney Skytracker on September 12, 2021, 11:37:50 AM »
i lost family and friends in three different places that day.  Then got deployed to the Stan.  I pay homage to those that died senselessly, and wished i was able to get my hands on those that actually did it.
General Discussion / 20 years
« Last post by Adorra Dakaeon on September 11, 2021, 16:25:59 PM »
It has been 20 years since the tragic events of Sept 11.  Lets continue to remember those who perished on that day and honor the heroes that came to their aid.  What were you doing 20 years ago today?
Imperial Decrees / Imperial Decree #153: New Babylon
« Last post by Rasim Aeon on August 30, 2021, 09:38:19 AM »
I, Rasim Aeon, Sovereign of the Imperium, hereby decree;

1. That, Grand Duke Nemesis Sass, has surrendered the leadership, charter and deed to the Grand Duchy of New Babylon; He will continue to send his Imperial Tribute through the end of the year. 

2.  Grand Duke Nemesis Sass retains his noble rank of Grand Duke and may also use the title of Imperial Prince as a member of the Imperial House of Aeon;

3.  Grand Duke Nemesis Sass continues to serve as the President of the Imperial Privy Council, but relinquishes his seat on the Council of Archons.


Imperial Decrees / Imperial Decree #152: Retirement as Viceroy
« Last post by Rasim Aeon on August 30, 2021, 09:32:14 AM »
I, Rasim Aeon, Soverign of the Imperium do hereby decree that:

1.  Duke Heath Petraeon has submitted his notice to retire/resign as Viceroy of Aksum Prime for personal reasons beyond his control, effective 30 September 2021 unless a replacement is found sooner, or it is deemed necessary to leave early; he shall retain his noble title of Duke as an honor for his service;

2.  Duke Petraeon retains his landholdings in accordance with previous agreements;

3.  These are accepted by the throne with regret and understanding.


Rasim I
I, Rasim Aeon, Sovereign of the Imperium, Grand Master of the Orders of the Imperium, and Supreme Marshal, hereby decree, declare, and direct that:

1.  Duke Triston Love, the Lord High Chief Marshal, shall also serve as the Chief Knight Marshal of the Imperial Guard; and henceforth, the Lord High Chief Marshal or Vice High Chief Marshal must have served as a Knight Marshal in the Imperial Guard;

2.  As Chief Knight Marshal, Lord Love shall also serve as Grand Commander of the Order of the Guardian and its subordinate orders;

3.  Further, Marshal Adorra Dakaeon, the High Marshal of Operations, on the recommendation of the Lord Love, shall act as the Vice High Chief Marshal and retain her role as the Vice Chief Knight Marshal;

4.  Further, Marshal Heath Petraeon, has submitted his retirement through the Lord Love to me, and I regretfully accept his retirement from the Imperial Service.

5.  Further, Vice Admiral Chris Firehawk is approved to be reassigned as the High Marshal for Administration and Support, and shall retain the roll of Superintendent Marshal until a suitable replacement is made.

6.  Further, Lord Marshal Love is delegated the authority to establish procedures and/or to promote up grade O-7 and all of the Enlisted ranks. He may further delegate  promotion authority to subordinate commanders.

7.  The Communications Council is directed to adjust access as appropriate.


To the Residents of the Aksum Prime System, I Heath Petraeon, System Viceroy, hereby issue this edict based on an Imperial Law:

Whearas, The High Chancellor has published a law passed during the Imperial Magnus, You can find it here:

Whereas, The law became effective once published;

Whereas, The System Government will meet with landholders to discuss set aside space and the criteria for eligibility;

Be it resolved and declared that, All post made relating to the perceived ownership of land shall be removed, unless a landholder claims the posts as part of their land;

Be it further resolved and declared that, Clans, Families, Houses, and individuals occupying land or a dwelling recognized by a landholder or the System Government will be granted a dedicated area in the forums.

Issued the 15th day of August 2021; Effective on the 22nd of August unless otherwise decreed or ordered by the Imperial Government.  Noble landholders may add further to this Edict, provided it does not take away the spirit or intent of the Imperial  Law or Sytem Edict.

In Service to the Imperium, the Aksum Prime System, and it's people.

Imperial Laws / Imperial Magnus Decision 21-001: Imperial Housing Law
« Last post by Stoney Skytracker on August 14, 2021, 17:32:36 PM »
By a vote of the 2021 Imperial Magnus the following is law and shall included in the Imperial Code:

 I. That any person who acquires land in the Aksum Imperium is required to provide limited free housing to 10% of the total units availability.  These units may be for usage by government officials or residents of that land.  System Viceroys may add to this law.  Petitions for exemptions to this law are submitted to the System Viceroy or his/her designee.

2. All Residents, (Tourists, Denizens, Citizens, Knights, Nobles) are required to posses a home or land in the state for which they reside in order to have that location reside on the forums as well.  The landholder for whom the individual is a tenant shall submit the request on their behalf.  The individual may be pending finalizing the use of land and be authorized to have the location on the forums. Individuals have until 24 hours after the end of the Magnus to remove their forum locations or have negotiated land or a home.

3.  Archons are permitted to decide what and how their lands are zoned (housing, commercial, industrial, entertainment, service).
4.  This law may be amended by Imperial Decree or the Legislative Conclave.

In accordance with Imperial  Assent, this law takes effect upon posting on this forum and/or in the Imperial Code.  This law is hereby effective today: 8-14-2021.  The Imperial Steward, System Viceroy's, and Imperial Police are charged with enforcing this law; and the Inquisitor General is charged with prosecuting, if necessary.

By Strength and Courage

Archduke Stoney Skytracker
High Chancellor of the Imperium
I, Rasim Aeon, Sovereign of the Imperium, decree that:

1.  The Imperial Court and the Imperial Government shall be in normal operation mode;

2.  Any member not seen for two weeks after this decree shall be removed from position;

3.  Any member removed may request a hearing to state their case, and be subject to the council's decision that is hearing the case;

4. All request under number 3, shall be submitted to the High Chancellor of the Imperium and he shall refer it to the appropriate body;

5.  The laws voted on in the Imperial Magnus shall be executed to their fullest and posted in the appropriate archives;

This by my hand; By Strength and Courage

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