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  • Imperial Magnus is in Session until June 21st!!!
  • Duchess Nique Skylark returns to the Imperial Service in the role as the Lady High Marshal of the Imperium. 
  • His Imperial Majesty, the Sovereign High Lord of the Imperium, Rasim Aeon has declared the official courtship of Imperial Princess Arnia Doucet.


Imperial Magnus is in Session until June 21st!!!
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We define the metaverse as the worlds created on electrons: virtual worlds, game consoles, pc’s, phones, etc.

We are a community formed as a virtual micronation and governed as constitutional monarchy. We claim land only in the metaverse. Our home world, Aksum Prime can be found on the virtual world Digiworldz ™.

We use full immersion role play to interact. We recognize that our real lives and virtual lives are separate existences, and at times, may coincide.  

Whether you are intending to be a Citizen or a Diplomat representing another micro-nation or group, please head to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

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