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  • Imperial Magnus is in Session until June 21st!!!
  • Duchess Nique Skylark returns to the Imperial Service in the role as the Lady High Marshal of the Imperium. 
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Imperial Magnus is in Session until June 21st!!!
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Imperial Decrees / Imperial Decree #148: Memorial Weekend
« Last post by Rasim Aeon on May 28, 2021, 14:04:29 PM »
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I, Rasim Aeon, as Sovereign of the Imperium hereby declare that:

1.  On this day forward that Memorial Weekend is on the last weekend of the month of May (on the Gregorian Calendar)

2.  The Magnus shall stand at recess until June 1, 2021 at 12pm IST

3. I strongly ask that you all take this time to remember those who have made the final sacrifice; and those who travelled that eternal bourne from which no one but the divine returns.

All this by my hand; By Strength and Courage
Name:ScreaminEagles Turbo
State of Residency:Avalon Hills
Status (denizen or citizen):citizen
Why are you running? To represent the citizens and denizens of Secundaria
What do you think your role is? To be the voice of the secundaria system and her people
General Discussion / Registration to be a candidate for Senator
« Last post by Stoney Skytracker on May 18, 2021, 08:34:10 AM »
Per the Imperial Charter and Imperial Decree, we are now opening the filing period for candidacy as a Senator and Member of the Council of Systems.  There is one seat available. You must already be a Citizen and not one pending service completion.

In your response please answer the following:

State of Residency:
Status (denizen or citizen):
Have you completed your Imperial Service minimum tour? (yes or no)
Why are you running?
What do you think your role is?

Thank you for your interest, and may the best Citizen win.
Per the Imperial Charter and Imperial Decree, we are now opening the filing period for candidacy as a Representative for the Council of Gentry.  The Secundaria System has two (2) seats available.

In your response please answer the following:

State of Residency:
Status (denizen or citizen):
Why are you running?
What do you think your role is?

Thank you for your interest, and may the best Denizen or Citizen win.
Imperial Decrees / Imperial Decree #147: Dates of Imperial Magnus
« Last post by Rasim Aeon on May 17, 2021, 18:23:35 PM »
 [ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]  

I, Rasim Aeon, Sovereign of the Imperium, and Magnus Archon, having discovered that the date of the Imperial Magnus had not been announced or published do hereby decree:

That, after consultation with the Council of Archons and the Privy Council, the Imperial Magnus shall convene at 12pm Imperial Time on 21 May 2021.

That, all elections to fill the Council of the Gentry and the Council of Systems shall be conducted by the convening time.

That, the Imperial Magnus shall adjourn at 12 pm on 21 June.  All business not complete prior to the delivery of the Imperial Address shall be referred to the appropriate council.

ALL THIS BY MY HAND, BY STRENGTH AND COURAGE, on this the 17th day of May 2021, the 12th year of the Imperium.
General Discussion / Hubris and Humility; Triumph and Disaster.
« Last post by Delmar Marshal on May 17, 2021, 14:33:11 PM »
Often times we find ourselves in situations that we ourselves create.  Then when things do not turn out the way we want, we tend to blame others. 

That was me years ago.  A good friend who sponsored me to a number of organizations made me learn Invictus and If.  These became two of my favorite poems. 

While on "line" in those organizations he taught me that its not arrogance if it is true.

I thought my ish didn't stink.  This mentor, my former commander, my brother, and leader, put on a pedestal, then he stripped me down by just saying, "Know these poems. Reflect on them.  Then look in the mirror and ask, "who are you?"

Hubris is the characteristic of excessive confidence or arrogance, which leads a person to believe that they may do no wrong. The overwhelming pride caused by hubris is often considered a flaw in character.

As I continue advancing in my career, I have had to move away from hubris and arrogance, and be more humble. I have had successes and failures, personal achievements and personal tragedies.

As Rudyard Kipling said in 'If'  "If you can dream - and not make dreams your master.  If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim. If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and not treat those two imposters just the same."   

It is not always how you go through something, but it is always how you finish.
General Discussion / Re: Opinions
« Last post by Alexys Enlil on May 17, 2021, 14:06:04 PM »
As stated by Raikos, I no longer have a voice OOCly
General Discussion / Opinions
« Last post by Alexys Enlil on May 17, 2021, 13:20:24 PM »
Either you take what I say and incorporate people into general discussions or you don't. Just remember, It's takes strength and courage to speak your mind.
Imperial Police HQ / Assumption of Command
« Last post by Peter Peace on May 17, 2021, 07:24:52 AM »
I, Peter Peace, assumes command and responsibility of the Imperial Police, effective 12 May 2021
Operations Orders / IS Operation Order 21-001
« Last post by William Sang on May 15, 2021, 17:30:47 PM »
Imperial Service Operations Center

Headquarters, Imperial Service
Aksum Prime

15 May 2021

IS OPORD 21-001

I. Situation.  The Imperial Service serves as the Defense and Security Establishment of the Imperium, maintaining responsibility for armed forces, health, foreign affairs, security, inteligence, public safety, and executive protection.  Commanded by the Supreme Commander and managed by the High Marshal, the Imperial Service maintains a Headquarters, with Service Component Commands, System Commands, and Major Commands, that operate throughout the known metaverse.
a.  Enemy Forces.  Imperial Service sees as an enemy any individual, micronation, and organization that threatens the peace and progress of the Imperium.
b. Friendly Forces.  The Imperial Service supports the Crown and works the Imperial Government to achieve the wishes of the Sovereign.

II.  Mission.  It is the mission of the Imperial Service to protect, serve, defend, and assist the Citizens and Denizens of the Imperium as directed by the Supreme Commander.

III.  Execution.
a. It is the High Marshal's intent to execute the policies and orders of the Supreme Commander with cohesion, efficiency, and without fail.
a1. The center of graduate of the Imperial Service (IS) is the support the development of the Imperium as a major power broker and economic force in the metaverse.
a2. A critical vulnerability of the IS is its ability to attract the best individuals to become "Imperial Warriors."
b. Concept of the Operation
b1.  Scheme.
We will develop force structure, conduct recruiting to fill the positions on the force structure, and train and maintain the force.
b2.  Support Plan.  The IS is capable of supporting itself without the need to take away resources the Imperial Government needs to support Citizens.
c..  Tasks
c1. Headquarters.  Provide command and control, manage policies, issue mission orders, set force structure, and provide general management of the Imperial Service.
c2. Imperial Guard.  Serve as the primary protection for the Sovereign and designated areas and officials; provide an escort and accompanying force that fights with the Supreme Commander; Conduct shadow operations as directed; Conduct special investigations as directed in support of the Imperial Police and the Imperial Inquisitor General when directed.
c3.  Imperial Police.  Conduct public safety operations throughout the Imperium except in the Imperial Citadel, conduct penal/prison operations; maintain a police force to support systems and local governments; conduct investigations; and provide a force to conduct law enforcement within the Imperial Military.
c4. Imperial Military.  Serve as the armed and fighting force of the Imperial Service and the Imperium.  Maintain land, sea, space, and orbital forces to ensure the Imperium is properly defended; and on order (o/o) conduct expeditionary operations when directed.
c4. IS Forces Command.  Provided command and control of the following Major Commands: Systems Command, Intelligence Command, Garrison Command, Training and Education Command, Public Health Command, and the Diplomatic Service Corps. Exercise Operational control of elements assigned to the Major Commands delegating as necessary to each Command.
c5.  IS Senior Staff.  The IS Senior Staff shall serve as a proponent for their specific function and are delegated to sign FOR THE HIGH MARSHAL.
d.  Coordinating instructions.
d1. Component Commands, System and Major Commands shall attend a monthly Command and Staff Meeting with the High Command.
d2.  Each Major Command and above will provide a monthly status report (MSR) to ISHQ no later than the 5th of each month, with an as of day of the end of the previous month. This report should include recommendations for units, for promotions, and for awards.
d3. Direct coordination between Major Commands and above are authorized, provided a notice or report is provided to the I.S.O.C.
IV. Service and Support.
A.  The IS Administration and Support Center is the command post for handling administration  and logistics for the Imperium.  The High Marshal designates the Director General Administration as the OIC for this CP.
B. All request for admin or logistics support should be routed through the IS Admin and Support Center.
V.  Command/Signal
A.  Signal
   1.  The primary means of communication shall be in the Imperial Forums.  However, face to face is encouraged
  2.  Secondary means of communication is through the IS Discord channel
  3. Contingency communications is through email or the forum personal messenger
  4. Emergency means of communication is open channel communications in Discord
B. Command
  1.  The High Marshal shall be located primarily at the ISHQ, the Imperial Citadel at Court with the Sovereign, and throughout the Imperium. HM shall be referred as Warrior 6.  The Vice High Marshal (Warrior 65) shall be located at the ISHQ primarily.  The Chief Director General (Warrior 5) shall be located throughout the ISHQ Command Post as needed.  The Command Chief Warrant Officer shall be located with Warrior 6, as directed.
   2. Succession of Command.  Succession of command for the IS is as follows, Supreme Commander, Warrior 6, Warrior 65, Warrior 5, Chief Knight Marshal of the IG, Chief Provost Marshal General of Police, Marshal Commander of the Military, Commander, Forces Command, IS3, IS1, IS2, Senior System Marshal, followed by the next system marshal by date of rank, then time in service, then last name; the most senior Military Branch Commander followed by next by date rank, time in service, then last name; then most senior commander in the IS as a whole using date of rank, then time in service.

Authorized:  N. Skylark, Lady High Marshal

Official: Sang, IS3, Director General of Operations

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