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On behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Rasim Aeon, Hello and Welcome to the Aksum Imperium. If this is your first time here, please proceed to the Welcome Center and introduce yourself, or you may proceed to your Quadrant introduce yourself there.

Please remember that your continued use of these forums or anything linked to Aksum Imperium, means you agree to follow the rules and terms of service of that platform/media. It also means that you agree to follow the rp laws and rules for the Aksum Imperium. If you can not do that, we kindly ask you to remove yourself versus a ban.

Thank you,

Grand Duke Xenos Sanguinoso
Grand Steward of the Imperium
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  • Welcome to the Aksum Imperium!

    You have reached the Imperial Space occupied by the Aksum Imperium. If you are new, register, and come join our vibrant community of adventurers, thinkers, and explorers. Unearth knowledge, exchange ideas, and forge lasting connections. Whether you're here to share wisdom, seek enlightenment, or embark on new quests, you've found your haven. Register your presence and head over to the Immigration Area and proceed with the steps to join us. If you are a diplomat, register and proceed to the Diplomats Area
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  • Sun Jun 09, 2024 8:13 am Links to the Imperial Space Highway
    Since the forums reorganization we have created links that serve as the Imperial Space Highway.

    There are direct links and then links to the Quadrants.

    Imagelinks to the Imperial Information Network
    ImageLinks to the Imperial Star Base Nexus where the welcome center, the nexus inn, et. al are.... Read more

    Posted by: Asmodeus Constantine
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