Medical Personnel needed

Originally Imperial World Ship Ra's Ark. It brought colonist from different parts of the metaverse to settle in Imperial Space. Imperial Engineers discovered the gravity anomalies of the nearby black hole and was able to navigate the station to its current spot. The Main Station now houses, Station Command, Nexus Inn, Imperial Service Operations Command, an Imperial Government Office, Magnus Hall, and the Station Information Node.
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Medical Personnel needed

Post by Bryrjet Aonata »

Do you like helping people?

Does saving someone's life fulfill you?

Can you be frank and honest?

If so, join the Public Health Service and/or the Imperial Service Medical Command.  Send a message to me with your interest and we can discuss a way forward.

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Re: Medical Personnel needed

Post by William Sang »

Direct commissions will be granted to those whom the Surgeon Marshal recommends.
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Re: Medical Personnel needed

Post by Allister Pendragon »

I was a field medic back in the day, But right now seeking other opportunities in the civilian life for the moment.
Magical/Tech and Physical would elaborate more, in simple terms, Biomechanics 
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