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Imperial Service Application and Aptitude Test

Originally Imperial World Ship Ra's Ark. It brought colonist from different parts of the metaverse to settle in Imperial Space. Imperial Engineers discovered the gravity anomalies of the nearby black hole and was able to navigate the station to its current spot. The Main Station now houses, Station Command, Nexus Inn, Imperial Service Operations Command, an Imperial Government Office, Magnus Hall, and the Station Information Node.
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Imperial Service Application and Aptitude Test

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If you are interested in joining the Imperial Service please complete the application and aptitude test.  Someone will get back with you with the results.  Please understand your initial career field is based on the needs of the Imperial Service but your preferences are taken into consideration.

This application and test will determine how and where you are assigned.  Everyone will take a basic course.  Individuals on the Officer Tract will be made cadets and assigned to a cohort. Individuals on the Enlisted Tract will be made recruits and assigned to training court.

Thank you

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