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Does 34 matter

Talk about your political views and issues going on in the world. Follow the forum rules, respect opinions.
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Re: Does 34 matter

Post by Zaviera Hope »

Great discussion point Scarlet.

It seems that the only people making Trumps conviction political or those that have dranked the kool aid.  Hence why I do not allow kool aid in my house.........  So we challenge our American traditions of equal justice under the law because people want to make excuses for the guy who has no moral standing.....  Wait remember the Central Park 5.  Nem you were around their age.  Remember Atlantic City, all the small business owners who were swindled out of money because the Don did not want to pay them, and then took them to court in frivolous lawsuits that resulted in many of them going bankrupt.  Then the hotels in AC failed and he file for bankruptcy causing job loss....

Yeah 34 legitimate convictions.  They stand in my book.  They stand in every Patriots book, should stand in every person's book that have sacrificed for this country.  

Somebody will be sleeping on the couch....lol
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Re: Does 34 matter

Post by Scarlet Alaran »

Interesting points.  Closing my eyes and ignoring the political noise, I ignore the name and face.  The individual was found guilty in a jury criminal trial.  In this case, the jury had to be beyond reasonable doubt.  Looking at the jurors, there did not seem to be any bias. Even if it was, the bias would have addressed during selection.  Even if it was one going either way, that would have come out in deliberation and mistrial could have been declared.  Now, just looking at the defendant that try to use the media to try his case, but did not take the stand in the court room. This shows the importance of having judges who are ethically upright and upholds the law.  

In my current job, I refrain from politics.  The only take I really have is straight and to the point.  He was found guilty on all counts, the system actually worked, and so now DJT is a convicted felon in the State of New York.  Thousands of others have been in similar situations.  My post by itself is unfair, because we are spending time on this but not every other case.  May be something to consider.  When we do, I would wonder if some of the comments about political motivation would be the same.

I like the kool aid reference and I am not touching the couch reference.  LOL.  My guy is silent on this issue. 
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Re: Does 34 matter

Post by Allister Nexys »

hunter was found guilty. On FEDERAL GUN CHARGES.
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Re: Does 34 matter

Post by Triston Love »

Is this about Donald Trump or Hunter Biden? Were Hunter Biden and Donald Trump co-conspirators?  They are not even running against each other for President....actually no one is right now because ballots are not completed until August.

So I'm not going to ask why this is a point.

I am a Trump Fan or was.  I am disappointed in the verdict.  I don't think Trump helped himself during the case nor afterward.  I think because he is President it was important to show that he can stand before us and take the bumps and blows, show and prove his innocence and rise above the politics.  He didn't.  He played to it.  

I have seen attempts to detract from the topic by talking about the Bidens.  That is just freakin dumb.

Nevertheless, Trump has lost my vote, lost my respect, and lost my loyalty.  I'm not supporting Biden either.
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