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Welcome to the Aksum Imperium

Welcome to the Aksum Imperium!!!

We are a virtual micronation that exists solely in the metaverse. For that reason we conduct full immersion role play. No matter whether you are on a social media, game system, a virtual world, this portals and forums or a chat forum, if it is related to us, then it is always in role play, unless specifically stated otherwise. If you are just passing through we are glad to have you. If you decide to stay for a bit, and wish to become a Citizen, please do the following: 1) Register on the site. 2)Take the Citizenship oath. 3) Read the rules, laws, etc. 4) Declare a Domain/realm as your primary home. 5) Introduce yourself in the Immigration Thread. 6)Freely build up your character by participating when and where you can. 7)Have fun. If you are a representative of a Micronation. Request to be added as a Diplomat and post an introduction under Diplomatic Visitation. A sample post will be done for you to follow. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will respond. We look to recognize other micronations and maintain relations.

June 23, 2019, 01:19:31 PM by Rasim Aeon | Views: 608 | Comments: 0

In the name of the People of Aksum and in Council with the Grand Imperial Council with the consent of the Council of Sovereigns, and by the power invested me as Emperor and Grand Sovereign, I do:

1.  Establish the Council of Viceroys as a ...
February 14, 2019, 01:54:08 PM by Rasim Aeon | Views: 6184 | Comments: 2

We have and will continue to update the privacy policy and registration agreement.  You should have been given the option to consent or decline the privacy policy.  The registration agreement was presented to you when you first signed up.  Continued ...
February 09, 2019, 07:59:34 PM by Rasim Aeon | Views: 1032 | Comments: 0

I, Rasim Aeon, Grand Sovereign and Emperor of the Aksum Imperium, decree that

1.  The Terms of Service used for the 3RG world, shall be henceforth assimilated into Imperial Law and use as law for that particular system.

2.  Adhe...
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