Author Topic: Imperial Decree #69: Suspension of the Imperial Constitution  (Read 1022 times)

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Imperial Decree #69: Suspension of the Imperial Constitution
« on: February 09, 2019, 01:00:05 PM »
As the founder and sovereign of the Imperium, I am exercising a perogative to suspend the constitution.

The Grand Imperial Council shall deliberate and assist in the rewrite, presenting a draft version to the Citizens for final vote.

In the meantime the following measures are in place:

1. All rights guaranteed in the current constitution remain in effect;
2. The Grand and all sub Imperial Councils shall remain in tact;
3. The Imperial Legislature are called into session until and directed to meet prior to March 1.  If no meeting has taken place, the legislature shall be disolved and the Grand Speaker removed from position
4. The Grand Seneschal is directed to agreesively pursue individuals to serve on the Council of Ministers
5.  The Grand Viceroy position shall remain vacant
6.  The Imperial Guard shall remain in tact. However the Grand Marshal is directed to conduct a review for potential reorganization.
7.  The phases of Citizenship are: Immigrant, Resident, Citizen. and Full Citizen.  An individual moves from Immigrant to Resident upon declaring declaring a residence.  Individuals become  Citizens upon taking the Citizens oath, posting in resident area, and posting in a non-resident area. Full Citizens are eligible to be nobles and hold high office. Removing previous levels.
8.  Nobility shall be based on land obtained; however the highest non-landed noble rank one can obtain is Baron.  All nobility must have petitioned, have been accepted, completed quest, and invested as Knights of the Imperium.
9.  The term Knight shall not be gender based and shall refer to anyone in a Knightly Order
10.  All current nobility must make at least 10 meaningful posts prior to March 19.  At least 3 of those posts must be in open forum. The office responsible for tracking this is the Grand Stewart.
11.  The Grand Marshal, the Grand Seneschal, and Grand Chamberlain shall work together in developing the land usage plan.
12.  Each Grand Officer of State is delegated authority to issue "Directives" to implement actions related to their position, provided those directives to not counter or clash with an Imperial Decree.

This decree shall remain in effect until March 19.  If the constitution has not been ratified by then, we will revert back to the old one and this decree shall expire.

All this by my hand, By Strength and Courage

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