Author Topic: Imperial Decree #66 Recognized Houses  (Read 1899 times)

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Imperial Decree #66 Recognized Houses
« on: June 25, 2018, 01:49:36 PM »
To all,

As of the close of the last Magnus the following Houses are recognized:

Sovereign Houses
House of Aeon
House of Hemby
House of Nuubert

Noble Houses
House of Sass (House of Aeon)
House of Barrett (House of Hemby)
House of Skylark (House of Hemby)
House of Petraeon (House of Aeon)
House of Uther (House of Nuubert)
House of Nakamura (House of Nuubert)

House of Dakeon (House of Petraeon)
House of Constantine (House of Aeon)
House of Sang (House of Aeon)
House of Griswold (House of Sass)

There shall be no more than 13 Sovereign Houses.

We will continue to follow the procedures for establishing new houses, clans, and families in accordance with Imperial Decree #4 and any future revisions of it; and other applicable decrees.  The Imperial Assembly is authorized to amend and adjust this decree in a new law but not rescind. 

The Council of Nobles shall be the authority to review and approve Clans becoming Houses and further.  However any such request, not made during a Magnus by petition must be submitted through the system governor general where the house shall be based, to the Ministry of Imperium Affairs.

This by my hand, By Strength and Courage