Author Topic: Imperial Decree #67: The Grand Imperial Council  (Read 1656 times)

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Imperial Decree #67: The Grand Imperial Council
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:16:54 AM »
I, Rasim Aeon, in accordance with the Constitution of the 5th Imperium, do hereby decree the following:

That, this decree supersedes all prior decrees regarding the Grand Imperial Council;

That, the Grand Imperial Council , is established to serve as the highest deliberative body of the Imperium, and compiles the highest officers of the Imperium into one body as advisors to the Grand Sovereign

That, the Grand Imperial Council shall consist of the following positions in ranking order:
Grand Sovereign - ruler of the Imperium
Grand Prince/Princess - Heir apparent of the Imperium
Grand Viceroy - Executor of the Imperium, serving as the right hand of the Grand Sovereign overseeing the below listed Grand Officers of State
Grand Marshal - Protector of the Imperium, overseeing the peace, security, and defense of the Imperium, chairs the Imperial Security Council
Grand Chamberlain - The Grand Sovereign's Chief of Staff, chairing the Imperial Privy Council
Grand Steward - Dean of the Nobility, chairing the Council of Nobles
Grand Chancellor - Dean of the Orders of Knighthood, chairing the Grand Council of the Imperial Orders of Knighthood
Grand Archon - Senior adviser on ecclesiastic and spiritual matters, chairing the Imperial Ecclesiastic Council
Grand Seneschal - leader of the Executive Branch of Government, chairs the Council of State (Cabinet),
Grand Speaker - leader of the Legislative Branch of Government, chairs the Imperial Assembly
Grand Magistrate - leader of the Judicial Branch of Government, chairs the Grand Imperial Tribunal, and oversees the lessor courts
Grand Inquisitor - oversees audit and compliance of the agencies of the Imperium

That, members listed above must be in the nobility to be eligible to serve.

That, these individuals may serve in any other position in the Imperium

That, the Grand Imperial Council shall have the power to act as any branch of the Imperial Government (Legislature, Judiciary, and Executive) or any sub Imperial Council. Review all laws passed by the Legislature and signed by the Grand Seneschal prior to gaining Imperial Assent. Settle disputes between Branches of Government, and Councils.   Make regular recommendations to the Emperor on anything covering the stability and governance of the Imperium. Serve as the Regency Council of the Imperium when there is no heir or regent.  Serve as an intercessor to all appeals of the Grand Imperial Tribune, making a recommendation to the Grand Sovereign if necessary.

That, All members of the Imperial Council shall recite the following Oath of Office: I, (name), will faithfully execute the office of His Imperial Majesty's Councillor of the Aksum Imperium, serving as (office title) I pledge my loyalty and fealty to the Emperor of the Imperium; will to the best of my ability defend the integrity of the Imperium, bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. By Strength and Courage. Long Live the Emperor and the Imperium!!

That, all matters discussed in Imperial Council are confidential until the final decision is made or release of information is authorized;

That, no council member shall impugn the integrity of another council member;

That, each council member is granted immunity from prosecution but is subject to the discipline of this Grand Imperial Council, the Imperial Magnus, or Grand Sovereign for any violation of Imperial Law.

That, each council member shall be required to make at least five (5) posts per month on the Imperial Forums.

That, each individual shall have the authority to issue edicts covering the managment of their area of responsibility. Such edicts are enforceable law but are subordinate to the Constitution, Decrees, Prime Dictates, and Laws.  Conflicts of any edict shall be handled by a Court of the Imperial Tribunal.

All this by my hand, By Strength and Courage

Rasim Aeon
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