Author Topic: Imperial Decree #71: Viceroys of the Realm  (Read 1469 times)

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Imperial Decree #71: Viceroys of the Realm
« on: June 23, 2019, 01:19:31 PM »
In the name of the People of Aksum and in Council with the Grand Imperial Council with the consent of the Council of Sovereigns, and by the power invested me as Emperor and Grand Sovereign, I do:

1.  Establish the Council of Viceroys as a deliberative body chaired by the Grand Viceroy and consisting of the Viceroy's of each realm.  This Council is to serve as an advisory body to the Emperor and Grand Viceroy on matters related to their systems and receive guidance on the same.

2.  Viceroys serve as the Emperor's representative in their Systems, promoting the Imperium in that system ((overseeing rp)), and leading the system council of government.

3.  Imperial Government officials will include their system viceroy on discussions related to that System. 

4.  System Viceroys answer to the Grand Viceroy and the Emperor, and are required to respond to any inquiry from a Grand Officer of State/Imperial Councillor.

5.  Viceroys may be removed by the Grand Viceroy, or Emperor for any reason.  A system legislature may recommend removal by 2/3 vote.

6.  The following Viceroy appointments are made/reaffirmed.
Duke Heath Petraeon, as the Viceroy of Aksum Prime
Countess Samara Barrett, as the Vicerine of Tercera; and
by the power of invested in my as Emperor, and upon the recommendation of the Sovereign of the House of Hemby, Baron Jayster Shinn is elevated to the noble rank of Count; and further appointed as the Viceroy of Secundaria.

This by my hand, By Strength and Courage

This is law by my hand, By Strength and Courage.
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