Author Topic: Imperial Decree #73: Realignment of Positions (again)  (Read 462 times)

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Imperial Decree #73: Realignment of Positions (again)
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:57:00 AM »
I Rasim Aeon, as Emperor and Grand Sovereign decree the following changes to the Imperial Bureaucracy.....

Pending the ratification of the Constitutional Amendments, the Grand Imperial Council is dissolved and the Imperial Privy Council and Imperial Cabinet are realigned and established in its place.

The Imperial Assembly shall continue to be led by the Grand Speaker.  The Grand Speaker shall be the Emperor's representative in the Imperial Legislature.

The Imperial Cabinet shall be led by the Grand Viceroy and assisted by a Prime Chancellor, and consists of the following government portfolios:
- Defense, Public Safety, and Security
- Foreign Affairs
- Domestic Affairs
- Finance
- Justice
- Commerce and Industry
- Education and Social Services
- Culture, Science and Technology, and Sports
- Interior
- Communications and Media
A Chancellor shall be appointed over each.  The position of Grand Chancellor is discontinued.

The Imperial Judiciary remains as is and continues to be led by the Grand Magistrate.

The Imperial Guard shall no longer be the overarching organization for Defense and Security.  We shall revert to the previous and traditional organization, establishing the Imperial Ground Forces, Imperial Naval Forces (Spacial and Nautical), Imperial Orbital Forces, Imperial Marine Forces, as the components of the Imperial Military Forces or Services; and the establishing the Imperial Police Service and Imperial Intelligence Service as a separate agencies from the aforementioned; all under the day to day control of the Chancellor for Defense, Protection, and Security.  Chain of Command still goes from the highest ranking officer to the Emperor as Supreme Commander.

The roll of Grand Marshal remains the Emperor's senior adviser for all Imperial Security matters.  This person may also serve as Chancellor for Defense and Protection, and Security.

The Imperial Guard returns to serving as the elite force responsible for protecting the Emperor, key personnel, and escorting the Supreme Commander in battle.

The Imperial Household and Chambers remains in effect, except that the Imperial Communications Agency shall reform as the Imperial Ministry of Communications and Media.  The Grand Chamberlain remains head of the Imperial Household and Chambers.

This by my hand By Strength and Power

Rasim Aeon