Alpha Quadrant

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The Alpha Quadrant is located in the northeast quadrant (when looking down at a map), occupying the north (0 °) to the east (90°). The Dominions of Acacia, Oria, Sangral, and the Dominion of Imperial States are located in this quadrant.

The Alpha Quadrant or High Kingdom of Aksum is the most populous of the Quadrants and has the most land mass. It is the first area the Imperium occupied since moving to this part of the multiverse.

Quadrant Council

Quadrant Decree 22-001 issued by High King Rasim established the collaborative government of the Quadrant under the oversight of the Imperial Government.

The Quadrant Council consists of The High King of Aksum as Chair; the leaders of each of the States in the Alpha Quadrant; the Viceroy of the Quadrant; the Quadrant Praetor; the Quadrant Magistrate/Chief Justice; and the Quadrant Chief Marshal.

The Current membership is as follows:

Quadrant Decrees

Decree # Title Effecitive Date Issued by
22-001 Quadrant Council 10 September 2022 HK Rasim Aeon

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