Guide for Diplomats

From The Archives of the Aksum Imperium

Welcome to the Nexus Station, the primary entry point into the Aksum Imperium. A virtual world micronation existing solely in the metaverse. We practice full immersion roleplay, meaning any place that is used by Aksum is in full immersion role play. (Of course we understand human nature may cause slip ups at times). To help get you oriented with us and smooth your interaction we provide this guide. Don't worry, you don't have to memorize it.


To ensure the intent is met we have to set general rules.

1. First and foremost, this is the metaverse. If you get mad, angry, or upset. Log off. Breath. Then come back.

2. Respect yourself and fellow users and the authority of the administrators and the Sovereign.

3. Using this site means you agree to abide by the laws or rules made for this micro-nation.

4. Only use out of character conversations in designated out of character areas. There will be time when they may cross but if you can not make it appear to be in-character or rp then it should only be in the OOC area.

5. Stay on topic and always stay in character in all areas except the OOC. You must stay on topic in all posts.

6. No one under 13 is allowed on the site. No sex play, vulgarity, or offensive words are allowed. What you do in the privacy of your private chats and messages must be agreed to by both. Reports of harassment will result in immediate removal, banning and cooperation with legal authorities.

7. Even if you have access or can see a particular area, do not post there unless you are a part of the rp or activities. For instance, if you are not in the legislature but post in legislature meetings without prior approval you will be subject to Aksum's rp laws. However repeatedly doing so will result in banning.

8. Your forum name should be linked to a virtual world avatar. Gamertags can not be used as your name unless it has a first name and surname.

9. Follow the laws, terms of service (tos) and rules of the areas maintained by Aksum (virtual world grids, forums, chats, game consoles, pc games, etc.)

10. If you absolutely do not agree with what goes on and can not operate within our guidelines, please leave, there will be no hard feelings.

11. Do not bring real life issues into the in character areas. This can result in dismissal and banning (either through the rp courts or by administrative actions if it is excessive).

12. Remember, all the title, positions, duties, related to the Aksum Imperium are based on the full immersion RP. Unless someone has properly presented themselves as a real life lawyer or other professional, no real life professional advice should be given.

13. No linking of other sites are allowed without prior approval.

14. Lastly, this is the metaverse. If you get mad, angry, or upset. Log off. Breath. Then come back.

Leadership of the Imperium

We are a constitutional monarchy ruled by an Emperor who is sworn to uphold the Constitution. These are the leaders of the Imperium

Sovereign: Rasim Aeon

Sovereign's Consort: Imperial Princess Arnia Doucet

Grand Viceroy: King Nemesis Sass, the Imperial Executor, advises the Sovereign and serves as his chief representative.

Grand Chancellor: Duke Horas Andrus, the Chief of Government. Assists the Sovereign and leads the Imperial Council of State

Grand Marshal: Count William Sang. The senior member of the Imperial Service that commands and leads the IS on behalf of the Emperor

Grand Chamberlain: Duke Asmodeus Constantine. Serves as the Emperor's Chief of Staff and leads the Imperial Chambers

Grand Magistrate: Duchess Angela Stonebrook. Chairs the Council of Magistrate which leads the Imperial Judiciary.

Grand Steward: Marquess Zaviera Hope, manages Internal

Grand Praetor: Duchess Dawn Sang, leads the legislature

Grand Prelate: Duke Xavier Reikaz, leads the Council of Prelates

Grand Inquisitor General: Lady Ebony Sang, serves as the Chief Compliance Officer of the Imperium

Grand Treasurer: Sir Sekou Cartwright, serves the Chief Financial Officer of the Imperium

A Chancellor of External Affairs is appointed to coordinate diplomatic affairs.


We recognize the following ranks that are also found in the real world and use among those established relations. If your ranks and titles do not match let us know the equivalent. Learning each others cultures will help with recognition.

1. Head of State - the leader and chief representative of your nation

2. Head of Government - the leader of the nations government

2. Ambassador - the senior representative at an embassy or mission

3. Charge d'affaires - individual acting in the ambassadors place, typically the second ranking person at an embassy or mission

4. Counsellor - Leaders of a the major departments in your embassy

5. First Secretary

6. Second Secretary

7. Third Secretary

8. Attaché

9. Assistant Attaché

As our relationships improve you will have access to other items and information.

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