The Imperial Court

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The Imperial Court of Aksum is the full governance of the Imperium, exercising the Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Martial authority of the Sovereign. The five key parts of the Imperial Court are:

The Monarchy

The Imperial Houses

Imperial Councils

The Imperial Government

The Imperial Nobility

The Imperial Orders of Knighthood

The Senior Leadership of the Imperial Service


Membership in the Imperial Court consists of the Imperial Family, Council of Archons, Privy Council, Grand Officers of State, Imperial Chancellors, Imperial Legislators, Imperial Magistrates, Imperial Viceroys and Heralds, Nobility, Citizens in the rank of Minister and higher, and Flag/Senior Officers of the Imperial Service. All members of the Imperial Court swear the oath of office  and complete the necessary documents as determined by Imperial Law, prior to taking office.


The Imperial Court meets at least quarterly and/or at the call of the Sovereign and are often in attendance when His Imperial Majesty is present in the Imperial Throne Room

Officers of the Imperial Court

The Officers of the Imperial Court consists of, at the minimum, the Sovereign, Grand Viceroy, Grand Chancellor, Grand Marshal, Grand Magistrate, Grand Chamberlain, Grand Prelate, Grand Inquisitor General, and any others the Sovereign determines by decree. These individuals shall hold corresponding positions in the Imperium and exercise their duties when the Court is in Magnus or other conclave. These individuals shall collectively form the nucleus of the Grand  Council of the Imperial Court.

Grand Imperial Council

Whenever the Imperial Court gathers in a conclave, it at a minimum requires a majority of the officers. These officers along with the chairs of each Imperial Council make up the Grand Council of the Imperial Court and the Grand Imperial Council.

The current Grand Imperial Council is:

Sovereign: His Imperial Majesty Rasim Aeon

Empress Consort:  Her Imperial Majesty Empress Arnia Doucet

Grand Viceroy: His Imperial Grace Grand Duke Horus Andrus

Grand Chancellor: His Imperial Grace Grand Duchess Samara Barrett

Grand Chamberlain: His Grace the Grand Marquis Asmodeus Constantine,

Grand Marshal: His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Bryce Aeon

Grand Praetor: Princess Naru Nakamura

Grand Magistrate: Her Grace Duchess Angela Stonebrook

Grand Prelate: His Grace Duke Xavier Reikaz

Grand Seneschal: His Grace Duke Alexander Lowe

Grand Steward: His Grace Duke Xenos Sanguinoso

Grand Inquisitor General: Her Grace the Dutchess Ebony Sang

Grand Architect: His Grace Duke Christopher Firehawk

Grand Treasurer: His Grace the Grand Marquis Sekou Cartwright

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